What is U3A?

Beginning in France in the mid seventies, the U3A movement has now spread to most countries and has many hundreds of thousands of members.

U3A is a response to the idea that human life is divided into three periods:- firstly, childhood and schooling; secondly, child rearing and work; and thirdly, retirement.

The Third Age is seen to provide the greatest opportunities for learning and understanding because it is during this period of retirement that the idea of a university as a community of those who seek greater understanding through learning can be put into practice.

The unique characteristics of U3A

  • Learning topics are selected by members.
  • In-depth courses are planned by members.
  • Presenters / Facilitators are often local people or members.
  • The company of others who enjoy learning is ensured.
  • The atmosphere for learning is informal and friendly.
  • There are no examinations.
  • There are no compulsory activities.
  • Courses take place in daylight hours.
  • Costs are kept to a minimum.
  • U3A Invercargill was formed in 2002.

About U3A Invercargill

U3A Invercargill, started in 2002, is one of two such groups meeting in the city. It meets regularly for courses of lectures on Friday mornings at the Windsor Community Church Hall. The morning begins at 10am. Following the presentation, and no later than 11am, morning tea is served. After the break each speaker responds to questions from the floor. We aim to be finished by midday. From time to time a series will include a field trip.